Bake With Mike

Let’s Learn To Bake With Mike

Students Hard At Work In Evergreen, CO

Would you like to bake your own breads?  Thanks to our baking classes in Sanger, Texas, you can!

Would you like to eat foods and be able to pronounce the names of all the ingredients?

Would you like to be able to bake breads that please you, please you in ways no other breads can?

Would you like to venture into other baking arenas? Pies, cakes, bagels, flat breads and more?

Would you like to branch into new cooking areas? Making pasta from scratch, preparing steak-house quality meals, or making gluten-free breads that don't scrimp on all the things that tell you you're eating good bread.

Mike and a student talk
With our help, you can. Mike offers a variety of hands-on baking and cooking classes. At the end of the class, you'll go home with the breads, bagels, pizza, pies, cakes or other baked goods you made in class and the experience to be able to do it again at home on your own.

In over ten years of teaching baking classes, ALL of Mike's students have succeeded in making breads and baked goods to be proud of. We expect the same will be true of our new pasta, steak-house delight, and gluten free baking classes.

The Young Lady Baked It Herself, and Mike Couldn't Be Happier If He'd Baked It Himself

There is no faster way to learn to bake, or cook, than in a hands-on class. Many things that are hard to describe in textbooks, things that even movies on a web site don't explain come alive under your hands. How should the dough feel? Sticky? Tacky? Slightly tacky? More interested in sticking to itself than to you or the work surface? Pulling a windowpane of dough? These terms come alive in your hands. Does a stretch and fold really develop dough? When is a steak done the way you like it? How do steak houses make potatoes come out that good? How can you make ravioli at home? You'll learn by doing and by feeling, and that's the very best way to learn anything!

You can follow the links to the left to get lots more information about our classes. Just send us an email through the contact us page or call us to make reservations or have any other questions about our classes answered.

Last Updated on Wednesday, August 14, 2019