Bake With Mike

Bake With Mike

Hands-On Baking Classes

Quotes From Students – “After your class, my family thought I was a Bagel God!”

Getting There – Where Are You Again?

It's really not far if you are in the general Dallas/Fort Worth area.  It takes less than an hour to get here from the most parts of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, and not much more than an hour from the farther parts.

Better yet, it's a straight shot up IH-35 no matter where you are in the Metroplex. Go to IH-35 and head north to Sanger - a very easy drive. (We're a bit north of where IH-35W and IH-35E merge.)

In these days of rising gas prices, some people think twice about going to the corner grocery store. And rightly so.

However, we have had people make the five hour drive here from Houston, make a day's drive from the wilds of Oklahoma to our old location in Colorado, or the two day drive between Mississippi and our Colorado classes.

All of them felt the expenditure of time, money and effort was well worth it and they are looking at our class schedules to see which classes they want to take next.

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