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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Our Classes

Here are a few questions we've been asked a lot lately. When I have a few hours, I'll incorporate this information into other pages, where it probably really belongs.

How do I pay for a class? On the Class Schedule page each class has a "PayPal" button to the right of it. Click and pay. Easy Peasy.

Some people don't have, or want, PayPal accounts. You can pay using a credit card at PayPal without creating an account.

Some people just don't want to deal with PayPal. No problem, go to the "Contact Us" page and send us an email. Tell us which class you want to attend and we'll send you an invoice. Once we get your check, we'll let you know. Once your check clears, we'll reserve your space. Sorry, we were told "I'll pay you on class day" a few too many times by no-shows, so now it takes money to reserve a class space.

I live in Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex - how far is it to your Sanger location? It's really not far, it takes less than an hour to get here from the most parts of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, and not much more than an hour from the farther parts.

Better yet, it's a straight shot up IH-35 no matter where you are in the Metroplex. Go to IH-35 and head north to Sanger - a very easy drive. (We're a bit north of where IH-35W and IH-35E merge.)

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In these days of rising gas prices, some people think twice about going to the corner grocery store. And rightly so. However, we have had people make the five hour drive here from Houston, make a day's drive from Oklahoma to our classes in Colorado, or the two day drive between Mississippi and our Colorado classes. All of them felt the expenditure of time, money and effort was well worth it and they are looking at our class schedules to see which classes they want to take next.

What if I can't make it to a class? We understand that things come up and that no one's life runs smoothly. We try hard to be fair to our customers, but we do need to cover our expenses. Here are our guidelines for refunds:

If you cancel before we have purchased supplies for the class, we will cheerfully give you a full refund. This is the Wednesday before the class is held.

If you cancel after the Wednesday before the class and either you or we can find someone to fill in your class spot, we'll gladly give you a full refund. If we have a waiting list for the class, this can happen with a phone call or two. However, there are no guarantees here.

If you want to reschedule and take another class, or another offering of the same class, we can do that for a 10% service fee.

If you just want to cancel after Wednesday, then we will charge you for our materials, usually about 25% of the list price of the class, and cheerfully refund the balance.

If you just don't show, you forfeit your payment. In the absence of notification, we will purchase supplies and do preparatory work so you can enjoy your classroom experience. Most of that work is not recoverable or recyclable. Being polite and calling us will make the difference between a 75% refund and no refund.

Last updated on December 6, 2014