Bake With Mike

Bake With Mike

Hands-On Baking Classes

Quotes From Students – “It was not only tremendous fun, but I learned a lot, met great people with similar interests, and got to eat very tasty sourdough crusted pizza.”

— Nancy – Denver, CO

Our Class Schedule

Since we entered the age of Covid-19 we've only had one class, which was online.  It went well, but we realized our Internet connection was not up to the task.  Now we have a great Internet connection and we are ready to offer classes again!  Our classes are online, handled with Zoom.

Before class we'll send all our students a "care package" that contains all the important ingredients for the class in premeasured and labeled baggies.  We also include a baking stone, as well as baking pans.  Some ingredients are easy enough to get and perishable, so we may include a shopping list for some classes, like our pizza class.  Due to the time it takes to obtain, measure, package, and ship the care package, we close of class registrations 10 days before the class.

The "care package" will also have an envelope in it with instructions for getting ready for your class.  Some classes have 3 days of preparations to make sure the sourdough starter we send you is ready to do its best for you.  Please look for the envelope when you receive your package!

In the table below is most of the information you might want about our classes - the date the class will be held, where the class will be held, the registration deadline, the name of the class and a more or less brief description of the class. If you click on the name of the class, you'll be taken to a more complete description of the class. In addition to our scheduled classes, we also do retreats and workshops, at your facility or ours. We are happy to have special classes for four or more people.

Perhaps you don't have time to take one of our classes? Maybe you live too far away? Many of our textbooks are available from Mike's Bread Shoppe at Mike's other bread oriented web site, Sourdoughhome.

A few quick class notes you may want to be aware of:

  • Our classes are hands-on classes where you will be standing and working for about five hours. Please arrive prepared to work, wearing comfortable, closed-toe shoes and having long hair tied back.
  • We limit class size to 8 people to make sure we can give everyone the attention they need in class.
  • We will provide towels and aprons for classes in our kitchen, but feel free to bring your own if you have a favorite apron that you want to get covered with dough.
  • If you need reasonable accommodations, please let us know in advance, so we can prepare to meet your needs. In the past, we have had students in wheel chairs and we were delighted to be able to meet their needs. We like challenges and we like teaching people!
  • There is a dog on premises in our Sanger location who is not allowed in the kitchen during class and food prep times. We love dogs and like to think she's sweet and harmless, but we know some people have other opinions about dogs. If you have dog issues, please let us know before class so we can make reasonable accommodations.

To register for one of our classes, just select the number of people you want to have attend a class and press the "Add to Cart" button. You can return to this page and add as many people to any class you would like.  If you want to pay with a credit card, PayPal is our credit card processor, and you do not need to have, or create, a PayPal account to pay via credit card.

If you prefer not to deal with PayPal, you can use the "Contact Us" page and send us an email. Tell us which class you want to be in, how many will be in your party, and how to contact you.

Date/Time/LocationRegistration DeadlineClass Title and LinkNotesRegister
Saturday August 29, 2020
9:30 AM On line
Wednesday August 19, 2020Mastering Flavorful BreadsIn this class we make simple breads that are anything but plain. Using preferments, we unlock the flavors of the grains we use to make the breads.Sorry, registration is closed.

We'll add more classes later in the year. Want a particular class? Just ask!

At risk of being repetitious, perhaps you don't have time to take one of our classes? Maybe you live too far away? Many of our textbooks are available from Mike's Bread Shoppe at Mike's other bread oriented web site, Sourdoughhome.

Is there a baking or food class you'd like to take that we don't offer? Is there a class we offer that we haven't held in a while? Do you have trouble with Saturday classes?Please tell us! The bagel class came about because people asked for it.We offer custom classes if you can get together enough people to make it worth our while - and that's not a lot of people!If you suggest a new class and we decide to offer it, we'll invite you to the first class, on us! (Well, we won't charge you for the class. Getting here, accommodations and food outside the class are not covered by this offer.) Just let us know on the "Contact Us" page!